The Purpose Has Been Set

So today we defined our purpose.   I sat in on a presentation that I at least somewhat facilitated the construction of.   It was a good presentation and I think it was a first step towards setting the path for our company.   Now it is important to make sure we consistently live it.   To go down this path with any uncertainty or wavering would probably lead us to the tubes.   I truly believe this is the fork in the road.   One is to Hell and one is to heaven.   It would behoove me to train myself to maintain some discipline in this arena.

It seems so much literature and mindset of business is focused on the “business plan.”  In my experience a business plan in its traditional form is doomed for failure.   Ultimately a business plan is/should be a series of plans centered around one central purpose and vision.   If one could do nothing else as an effective leader, I feel they should be able to relay and live behind their vision and purpose and likewise be able to communicate that to a team.

As we continue to progress of recent, I feel more envigorated and determined to take a global leadership role in the business.  You could call it a CEO but I care less about the title and more about making sure that the company has someone consistently and constantly leading it and that the overall direction of this company is not being left to chance.   I think I now have the leverage, the team, and the early stages of the mindset to go down this path.   It won’t be easy and I am sure that I will want to give it up several points along the way.  I need to start focusing on how I want to go about this.  I have a lot to learn and catch up on to make sure I do this in the most effective manner possible.  Maybe this will be short term, but if I go about it properly, I can be the best and fulfill a purpose that I have set out to conquer for sometime now.

Note to self:  Work on becoming the leader of an organization of great minds and professionals.


A Day Gone By

One thing is for sure is that I will run out of ideas for titles of my posts real, real fast.   Today was a marginally successful day.  I completed everything on my list although I don’t feel I challenged myself.   Maybe that’s a good thing from time to time and maybe my place as being a better leader should continue to come through effectively making sure I support others in what their intended function should be.    I continued to attempt to be proactive today with some success.   I know I had several instances of things I would have let go but did persist in completing them so day 1 as a recovering retroactive person is complete.

Things I did well today:

1.  I addressed everything I put on my plate.

2.   I was determined to maintain a proactive attitude throughout the day.

3.  I courageously led our leadership team in a meeting.

4.  I made a significant attempt to maintain the time limits within all meetings.

Things I could Improve Upon:

1.  Where time permits I need to make it a point to invest time in one (most important) strategic endeavor each day.

2.  I need to engage the team whether good or bad throughout the day.

3.   I need to focus proper attention at all times on those around me and/or ask for a better time if it does not work.

4.   I need to make it a point to figure out how to best lead my senior leadership who is a actually better than me in some ways.

5.  I need to work on my routine when I arrive home.   I need to engage in meaningful time however short with my family.   TV is a mind numbing waste that should not be turned on until the kids are in bed.   You can quote me on that.

Today I learned that: Micromanagement is never an effective strategy.  If someone needs to be micromanaged then someone is failing at their job (me or them or both).   I should not feel the need to give input in all things presented to me yet I should make sure that things are put together in a detailed enough form so that I may understand enough in order to give feedback.  I must never give passive approval to something I don’t understand.

I also need to make a commitment not to be interrupted in meetings.   I keep thinking that it must be important yet I get interrupted with the dumbest things of no fault to them because I allow myself to be interrupted.


In the middle of the night last night, or at least some point last night I have decided I am not a pro-active person.   Whether I have always been this way, or this is a new development is uncertain but one thing is clear, I tend to be a person that evaluates the surroundings and let things come my way before I take action.   I have been searching for the basis of some items I see that affect my ability to run a business as ineffectively.   After careful thought, this may not be the be all and end all of my problems, but it definitely rises to the top.

So in my new found quest to…(hold up I need to segue real fast).

This sentence was interrupted by a major factor to my anxiety.  My wife.  I am not sure if I am a catalyst or I am married to someone that doesn’t quite match with me in the emotional department but I am simply not cut out to be a nurturer.  Probably directly correlated with my inability to hold my company’s hand through every detail and decision is my disdain to do so with my wife.   Is it my proclaimed “command and control” leadership style?   I never sought to be this style but apparently that is what I am.    A separate transition that I think serves a major point of anxiety is that I have zero alone time.   That’s right zero.  The only time I can ever get any remote time alone is if I go to the office at night.  I have to go to work to be alone.  Is that sad or what?  That can’t be healthy.  Literally I have probably spent lest than 72 cumulative hours in the last 4 years alone in my house.   I am going to work on this one as I am definitely a person that needs personal space.  I shouldn’t let this eat me up in the short term, I just need to find a way to create some space for myself.  Now, let me get back to my original subject.

So in my new found quest to become a better person and a major consideration of this very blog to begin with is to study, research, and analyze all that is me and all that I wish to change.   With that being said I researched the topic of “proactivity” and the different phrases associated with it.  As usual the BS and salesmanship rises to the top, but the overriding theme of all of the information I have found isn’t about the analysis of proactivity.  It mostly seems to suggest that proactive and reactive is the difference between success and lack thereof.  To some extent that can be true but I don’t think its a given statement.

I believe in the suggestion that most successful people create their own situations and opportunities.   It is absolutely essential to me that I begin to live my life and engage in the environment around me in a manner that is conducive to being the person that I want to be.  This is not a selfish act (well it technically is but I believe in a certain amount of self preservation) in that I am 100% not the type of person that will throw others under the bus for my own benefit.    Honestly my ability to create the opportunities around me and be a “proactive” person will provide a direct benefit to about 99% of those around me.  There is value in some aspects of being reactive but the bottom line is that I have a lot to improve in this department.   I think this is where I will start in global traits rather than focusing on specific skill sets.  After all I have gotten this far with but I think there will be an end to it as being reactive is a survival mode and being proactive is success mode.   Its kind of like in a video game when things get dire, one quits attacking and simply focuses on defending until there is nothing left to defend.  I have a lot to learn in how to make this endeavor most effective but again I think this is where I am going to start.   Wish me luck.

The Road to Sanity

I initially wanted to title this blog “The Road to Sanity”, but that name has apparently been taken by a religiously blogging individual who is using it as a means of some type of chemical abuse therapy.   Good Luck to you, a small price to pay for me if it helps you with your continued sober success.

This is my blog to collect my thoughts.  Hopefully by writing, analyzing, and evaluating among other things it will help me have a clear path (or at least more clear path) as I venture down this journey of life.   Why do I need a blog to collect my thoughts?   Because I am a business owner.   Nothing more, nothing less.   I am ultimately not sure if I was meant to be a business owner.   I have always had a knack for entrepreneurship, but I don’t think I was ever prepared to put my future in the hands of my ability to get other people to do great things.   I am a loner by nature and while I enjoy being part of a team as much as anyone (probably more), I have not fully “sharpened” my leadership skills, especially to the extent of which my business is growing.

Hire someone else to do it is probably what most people are saying.   Well that’s just not me either.  I love the idea of building a business and being a part of it.  I am not in love with my own creations, but I simply want to be a part of building something.  Eventually the hiring will come but as of where I stand today, I am in the middle of it whether I like it or not.   This is the output of my constant struggle in the endeavors of balance of family, business, payroll, sanity, learning and anything else that gets thrown my way and/or I decide to put in my path.  I will prevail on all fronts