I initially wanted to title this blog “The Road to Sanity”, but that name has apparently been taken by a religiously blogging individual who is using it as a means of some type of chemical abuse therapy.   Good Luck to you, a small price to pay for me if it helps you with your continued sober success.

This is my blog to collect my thoughts.  Hopefully by writing, analyzing, and evaluating among other things it will help me have a clear path (or at least more clear path) as I venture down this journey of life.   Why do I need a blog to collect my thoughts?   Because I am a business owner.   Nothing more, nothing less.   I am ultimately not sure if I was meant to be a business owner.   I have always had a knack for entrepreneurship, but I don’t think I was ever prepared to put my future in the hands of my ability to get other people to do great things.   I am a loner by nature and while I enjoy being part of a team as much as anyone (probably more), I have not fully “sharpened” my leadership skills, especially to the extent of which my business is growing.

Hire someone else to do it is probably what most people are saying.   Well that’s just not me either.  I love the idea of building a business and being a part of it.  I am not in love with my own creations, but I simply want to be a part of building something.  Eventually the hiring will come but as of where I stand today, I am in the middle of it whether I like it or not.   This is the output of my constant struggle in the endeavors of balance of family, business, payroll, sanity, learning and anything else that gets thrown my way and/or I decide to put in my path.  I will prevail on all fronts