One thing is for sure is that I will run out of ideas for titles of my posts real, real fast.   Today was a marginally successful day.  I completed everything on my list although I don’t feel I challenged myself.   Maybe that’s a good thing from time to time and maybe my place as being a better leader should continue to come through effectively making sure I support others in what their intended function should be.    I continued to attempt to be proactive today with some success.   I know I had several instances of things I would have let go but did persist in completing them so day 1 as a recovering retroactive person is complete.

Things I did well today:

1.  I addressed everything I put on my plate.

2.   I was determined to maintain a proactive attitude throughout the day.

3.  I courageously led our leadership team in a meeting.

4.  I made a significant attempt to maintain the time limits within all meetings.

Things I could Improve Upon:

1.  Where time permits I need to make it a point to invest time in one (most important) strategic endeavor each day.

2.  I need to engage the team whether good or bad throughout the day.

3.   I need to focus proper attention at all times on those around me and/or ask for a better time if it does not work.

4.   I need to make it a point to figure out how to best lead my senior leadership who is a actually better than me in some ways.

5.  I need to work on my routine when I arrive home.   I need to engage in meaningful time however short with my family.   TV is a mind numbing waste that should not be turned on until the kids are in bed.   You can quote me on that.

Today I learned that: Micromanagement is never an effective strategy.  If someone needs to be micromanaged then someone is failing at their job (me or them or both).   I should not feel the need to give input in all things presented to me yet I should make sure that things are put together in a detailed enough form so that I may understand enough in order to give feedback.  I must never give passive approval to something I don’t understand.

I also need to make a commitment not to be interrupted in meetings.   I keep thinking that it must be important yet I get interrupted with the dumbest things of no fault to them because I allow myself to be interrupted.