So today we defined our purpose.   I sat in on a presentation that I at least somewhat facilitated the construction of.   It was a good presentation and I think it was a first step towards setting the path for our company.   Now it is important to make sure we consistently live it.   To go down this path with any uncertainty or wavering would probably lead us to the tubes.   I truly believe this is the fork in the road.   One is to Hell and one is to heaven.   It would behoove me to train myself to maintain some discipline in this arena.

It seems so much literature and mindset of business is focused on the “business plan.”  In my experience a business plan in its traditional form is doomed for failure.   Ultimately a business plan is/should be a series of plans centered around one central purpose and vision.   If one could do nothing else as an effective leader, I feel they should be able to relay and live behind their vision and purpose and likewise be able to communicate that to a team.

As we continue to progress of recent, I feel more envigorated and determined to take a global leadership role in the business.  You could call it a CEO but I care less about the title and more about making sure that the company has someone consistently and constantly leading it and that the overall direction of this company is not being left to chance.   I think I now have the leverage, the team, and the early stages of the mindset to go down this path.   It won’t be easy and I am sure that I will want to give it up several points along the way.  I need to start focusing on how I want to go about this.  I have a lot to learn and catch up on to make sure I do this in the most effective manner possible.  Maybe this will be short term, but if I go about it properly, I can be the best and fulfill a purpose that I have set out to conquer for sometime now.

Note to self:  Work on becoming the leader of an organization of great minds and professionals.